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Expert in Window AD Support

Active Directory is undoubtedly the core component of ALL Window based Systems. Despite its seemingly elementary in nature, Active Directory forms the backbone for all your applications,  and can become extremely complicated as your enterprise grows in size, geography and complexity.  


This is particularly true in the case of AD Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation for Corporate Merger,  Acquisition and Spin-offs, where AD merging, reorganization and standardization are inevitable.

Most of the problems today may be traced back to improper settings of AD in the beginning long time ago. Problem with AD replications, broken connectors, missing site links, etc, leading to abnormal behaviours,  are the rules rather than exceptions.


Baro is the Expert in AD.   We have been dedicated to advance service for complicated AD problems  and have achieved the Top AD Partner status for many years.


Scope of AD Service  

        Design and Implementation of Global AD Framework

        AD Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation  

        AD Merging, Spin-Offs, Reorganization and Standardization

        Emergency Trouble-shooting and Recovery for AD Problems




Virualization is undoubtedly the hottest topic for IT in recent years.  

Everyone has implemented or at least  considering to setup Virtualized Platform (Private and or Public Cloud) to a certain extent.   

Specialities in Virtualization

Baro is one of the Pioneers in testing, adopting and promoting Virtualization Technology since many years ago. Today, we support End to End Virtualization Technologies and Platforms :

        Server Virtualization and Consolidation

        Desktop Virtualization Infra-structure (VDI) 

        Application Streaming (MDOP and AppV from Microsoft)

        Storage Virtualization (SAN based Solutions)

        Network Virtualization


Currently, our Advance Solution Lab is ready for indepth Demonstration and Testing for various popular Virtualization Technologies in the market, from Microsoft HyperV to VMWare ESX and Citrix.  We can also fully support  Systems ranging from Standalone environment to High Availability (HA) or even Fault Tolerant (FT) Configurations…


Further, with our Advance Solution Lab, we have the unique capability for side by side Demonstration and  comparison for Cross Platform solutions.


As our motto goes, Seeing is believing … 


Let our customers decide the best choice for themselves.   Also, Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion can now be tested  thoroughly in our Lab before the actual migration service in order to achieve 100% confidence.  For the more  sophisticated customers, we may even simulate Site to Site Failover and Storage Virtualization for Disaster Recovery situations.




Age of Cloud has arrived, and with lightning speed !  

With the launching of Office 365, Windwos Azure Platform, HyperV 3.0 and System Center 2012, the offering for both Private and Public Cloud from Microsoft is 100% complete and ready.

However, although the Cloud is ready, there are still a transition path from ground to the sky, from your existing Infra-structure to Cloud.  And the planning and migration are critical to success.

Our top management is fully aware of this ?Global Trend and is totally committed to proivding ONE Stop, Total Solution for Cloud-Centric Applications, Intrastructure and Service. 

Baro's Cloud Shuttle is ready to take off today !!!!

To achieve this, we have set up a Cloud Centre in our Solution Lab :


1/  Test and experience the latest Cloud offerings from Microsoft and 

     other common platforms

2/  Study, Planning and Implementation of Hybrid Model of :

     Physical, Virtual, Private Cloud, Public Cloud Infra-structures

3/  Support for the Selection, Enrollment and Deployment of the Optimal Cloud Service

      Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Inture, and other popular Cloud offerings, etc  

4/  Professional Service for Migration and Transition from On Premise to Cloud Service.

      Ongoing Technical Support for Management and Administration of  Private and Public

      Cloud Infrastructures


Flying High and Reach for the Cloud Today …


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