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    Why the Lab ?

    Software and Hardware are getting ever more complicated nowadays.   

    Ensuring compatibility and selecting the right components are already difficult tasks,  

    not to say designing and tuning for optimal performance.


    Empty, generic and zero-information answers are the rules, rather than exceptions nowadays.


    Numerous questions and even more uncertainties arise every time the question of upgrading the existing system or planning for a new application comes up.   

    And there are so many cases of failures, surprises, service downtime or interruptions, missing performance expectations, etc, have associated with every new system implementation unfortunately.



    In Baro, as our motto goes : 

            Passion for Technology ;  We Create Values ….


    We hate mediocricies.   

    We will not tolerate generic answers and we will not give empty promises.

    To achieve this, we have invested heavily to set up our own Advance Solution Lab


    Motto for our Advance Solution Lab :  


          Seeing is believing  


                   Whatever we sell, we are fully capable of supporting …

                      Whatever we promise, we will deliver faithfully and with quality …


        In short, what you see is what you get, no surprises, no sweat …


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