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    What can we offer ?


    Beyond Window Shopping …


    Of course, our setup may not be comparable to Global Giants like HP or IBM. However, instead of just a single brand, we have the unique advantage of total integration and unmatched flexibility.  

    In Baro, customers are no longer limited to  just window shopping. Instead, everything is at your finger tips …


    Further, again, our Passion for Technology and Value have driven us to test, stress  and drill the products, compatibilities, their features and performance, to the fullest  and the most comprehensive extent …


    Before our customer encounters a problem, we have solution already. 

    For genuine unforseeable errors, we can duplicate on our Lab immediately for prompt  trouble-shooting and resolution.


    To be more specific, we allow : 

            Indepth Demo and Direct Hands On 
            POC (Proof of Concept) for Complicated and Demanding Scenarios
            Extensive Benchmarking, perform Stress and Drill Test
            Tailor-make Practical Hardware Software Training 

    Indepth Demo and Direct Hands ON


    As our Motto goes :          

                                          Seeing is believing …


    We would like to ensure that both our Team and our Customers have the best chance to  see, touch, feel and play with the products.  Not only can you see a canned demo, as in most other "Demo Centres", but you can also try using it yourself, at your pace,  with our assistance, and without any limitations .


    No sweat and no surprises; and no more mis-understandings or mis-representations … Finally, you can feel how fast your Server can failover to the other side, or how long  your Server takes to run your SQL Script, or how long it would take to rebuild your Raid Set,  to name a few …


    Goodbye to Powerpoint Salesman and Welcome to IT Warrior reborn.



    POC for Complicated and Demanding Scenarios : 


    Real Life situations are always complicated. Fast evolving Technologies, ever changing business requirements,  hardware software compatibilities, legacy limitations, budget constriants, System downtime allowance, etc  makes life worse for any upgrade, migration or new system deployment.


    To minimize the chance of failure, to avoid extensive downtime, to eliminate any management surprises and to ensure that the project goes smoothly and the implementation done seamlessly, POC is always the best and the most critical process.


    Examples of POC includes :

                      Notes to Exchange Migration
                      Physical to Virtual (P2V) for VM Consolidation
                      AD upgrade and Migration
                      AD Merger and Segregation
                      Drill for Disaster Recovery 


                      Again, What you see is what you get … No Sweat !


    Extensive Benchmarking, Stress and Drill Testing


    We all want to know what we will get for what we are going to pay. However, even with the best sizing tools, real life situations, hardware software compatibilties network bottleneck and unforseeable peak traffics, etc, always render your newly deployed system  perform far short of expectations.


    The last thing you want to see is your new system works like a snail and everyone is complaining. The worse nightmare is your DR does not failover in the case of a power outage !


    Though individual specifications or benchmarking figures are readily available, seldom would you have a performance figure that can closely resemble your environment and your requirement.    

    Again, the best and only way is to Test it with your life data and on  the system that closely match your system.


    Rarely would you find a vendor that would support such activities and requirements Even when you are willing to pay, the setup and waiting time for such test environment are  often unrealistic.


    To this end, we support various Benchmarking process, as well as Stress and Drill Testing.  From benchmarking SQL performance to Cluster Failover time; from extensive Load Stress Testing to Site to Site Disaster Recovery Drill Test Simulations.


    In addition, we are highly flexible and efficient.  Most of the test environment can be setup in days and waiting time is minimized.

    Know what you are buying, 

    And be confident of what you are getting …



    Tailor-make Practical Training 


    IT Training classes are so abundant nowadays and we have no intention to duplicate the offer without new value added.


    However, most of the classes today are standard training focus on single application. They are highly academic and theoretical, without much practical applicatons.    

    An advance class on Exchange would teach you the theory and mechanism of how an Exchange Cluster works.   

    However, none of the standard class would show you how  to actually setup a Cluster on the latest HP or IBM platform.  Worst still when it comes  to travel shooting. 


    To ensure our customers to master the actual system that they are going to deploy, and  to equip them with the skills for general administration and trouble-shooting, we have designed and developed customized training course that are foucs on real life practical environments.

    Through our training, you are mastering the System, 
    Not the Powerpoint slides…

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