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Licensing Consulting  

Our License Ambassador Service  


Software cost is High !  License is complicated !!


Nowadays, software cost often takes up more than 70% of the total IT budget.


At the same time, Licensing compliance is now a MUST with serious legal liabilities in most countries,  and the pressure is ever increasing.  As such, it has become imperative that License Strategy must be optimized and that complicance must be ensured at all times.


However, with more products and new versions coming out everyday, the types of License products and License Schemes available for Selection are ever increasing.   

The risk of not buying the right license, or choosing the wrong License scheme, missing License requirements, not buying enough or even buying too much, can be extremely high.   

This is worse for large corporations with multiple locations across a vast geography, license management and compliance are presenting a serious and genuine challenge and threat.


Besides above, there are other considerations on Software Management :


        Centralized vs Decentralized model,  

        Global vs Local Procurement and deployment, cross border issues

        Technology Trend and Standardizations

        Ongoing Cost of Ownership

        Tax and other support issues  

        Merger, Acquisition and Spin-Off scenarios  

           Baro is your License EXPERT !           Come to us and Start Saving …


Baro has over 10 years history of Total Dedication in License Consulting and Fulfilment.


Today, we are one of the very few LARs (Large Account Resellers) of Microsoft HK.  

We are fully authorized to sell ALL major Microsoft License Schemes :

From Open License to Select Plus Agreement, from Enterprise Agreement (EA) to Online Service (Office 365), etc.

Achievements :  


2012 Best LAR (Large Account Reseller) Award of Microsoft HK

7 Years Consecutive No 1 Annuity (EA) Partner of Microsoft HK

7 Years Consecutive Winner of the Best Growth Partner Award of Microsoft HK


Above long list of award is no doubt an unprecendent achievement among the local partners in HK and we have absolute confidence to be the Best and Most Reliable Software Partner for our customers.


More Values :  

Not only do we offer the most competitive pricing with excellent technical knowledge, 

but also we are  presenting our unique Ambassador Service for our 

premium Microsoft Customers :  


To assist our Customers to get start with the complicated Microsoft Licensing, we have pioneered  and designed the first and unique Baro Ambassasdor Service.


Ambassador (Red Carpet) Service for Microsoft EA Customer :  


Special Handholding Service for MS EA Activation and Adminstrator Right Assignment Briefing for Volume License Site Mgmt and License Administration  

Ongoing support for EA :  

        SA Benefits Claims, Software Downloads, License consultation, etc

        Training Coupon redemption, Software Asset Management and Reporting, etc

        Special promotional packages exclusive for EA Customers


Headache with License, call Baro …   

Sales Hotline: (852) 2674 4568       Service Hotline: (852) 3183 1418
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