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Collaboration and Unified Communication (UM)

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Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint

Email is no doubt the fastest growing, most demanding and critical applications in 

recent years.

Within minutes of Email Service interruptions, everybody in the company is affected and the Help Desk will be drowning with support calls.   For more serious crashes, overnight trouble-shooting and recovery  may not be the worse nightmare, with the IT team sweating under tremendous pressure for a rapid recovery.


Microsoft Exchange and Lync have become the defacto Messaging System for most Corporates.


Today, we have excellent support and many successful references for :

        - Upgrade and migration from Exchange 2000 / 2003 / 2007 to 2010 / 2013

        - Upgrades from Standalone to Clustering and HA (DAG for 2010 / 2013)


        - Implementation of Lync for IM Logging, Web Conference, Voice and

          Video integrations

        - Migration from Linux, Notes and Groupwise to Exchange  

        - Merging, Acquisition or Spin Off of Exchange Organizations

        - Regional Exchange Projects with multiple locations (especially for PRC)

        - Advance Exchange Implementations with Archiving, UM, HA and Disaster


        - Total Integration of Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync as the most advanced

          Collaboration Platform


Besides the standard email system, new trends are emerging :  

        - Demand for support of ever increasing Frontend devices  

           (iPAD, iPhone, SmartPhone, Netbook, etc)

        - Increasing need for Unified Communications  

           (Total Integration of IM, Phone, Video, OA and Collaborations)

        - Demand for support of accessing anywhere

        - Email Archiving and Fast Recovery  


Baro is well aware of those trends and has invested heavily to achieve the leading position in  all of above areas.  We are among the earliest partners to successful implement the full range of Unified Communication solutions :


        Total Ingration for Exchange and Lync

        IM Logging and Rich Presence  

        Full Voice and Video support and Web conference, eTraining, etc

        SoftPBX with Lync and Voice Gateway


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On top of Exchange and Lync, as the ultimate Collaboration Platform, Microsoft Sharepoint has proliferated and risen rapidly to become the Platform of Choice for most corporates.   

In Baro, we have many successful implementation of Sharepoint solutions, with applications ranging from :    


        Corporate Portal, Intranet requirements 

        Corporate Social networking capabilies

        Workflow, eForms solutions

        Document Management System (DMS),  

        Integration with BI, KPI, Scorecard, etc


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