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    Green Policy

    We do not need to stress the significance of protecting our 

    Environment and saving our Planet more.

    Baro fully supports Green IT and we are approaching this subject 

    with the following key initiatives :

    1 Energy Saving :  

    Lightings and air-conditioning should be switched off 

    for any section of the office when not in use.

    All computers, notebooks, servers should be turned off when not in use 

    for a prolong period or after office hour every day.

    In general, the office temperature is set to be between 24 - 25 degree.  


    We are deploying Private Cloud, Blade Servers and Virtualization 

    Technology for best Energy Efficiency.

    2 Paperless Office :  

    In Baro, everyone should be working towards the goal of Paperless Office.

    All employees are strongly encouraged to handle and share information by electronic means and printing are generally discouraged.    Any printing for internal, if required, must use recycle paper only.

    Recycle paper trays are put at every printer pool to collect used paper for recycling.

    3 Green Communications :


    For Customer correspondence, electronic means is the recommended choice. Quotations and Data sheet printing are no longer encouraged.

    Further, we are starting to re-engineer the Customer communication process. Instead of the traditional face to face meeting, discussion and presentation, which would unavoidably involving more carbon and time consumption during the back and forth travelling, we are refining the process with :  

    1. Conference Call for general verbal discussion

    2. Web Conference with voice and video for Presentation,
            Training and Discussions.

    3. For Customer Service request,Remote Diagnostic is the preferred means

    Tremendous carbon and time can be saved with above arrangements, without degradation in the quality of communication and service.

    4 Ongoing Green Targets :


    Office manager has the charter to monitor and report the practice of Green Computing on a quarterly basis. Top management will review and introduce any new mesures for the  overall Green Policy on an annual basis.

    More importantly, we will start to have a new policy requirement of lowering the  Per Staff Annual Energy Consumption in 2013.  The first target is set at 5% reduction for the year 2013.

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