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Storage and Disaster Recovery (DR)  


Storage :  

Storage is the Core Reserve of any IT Infrastructure.

Data availability and integrity has risen to the ultimate significant position to Corporate survival.


While others still treats Storage as bits and bytes, struggling on primitive specifications like Disk capacity and channel bandwidth, we have shift our focus to regarding Storage as a critical component to Recovery, Availability and Integrity since a long time ago.


We have integrated the latest Storage and Imaging Technology including : 


        Thin Provisioning, Conversion and Stay Thin

        Storage Virtualizations

        Compression and Deduplications

        Auto-tiering and Adaptive Optimization

        Snap Shot, Snap Clones, Mirror Clone

        Remote Site to Site Replications and DR Applications

        Virtual Lock, Virtual Domain, Legal Hold, etc


Rathering than delivering just a storage pool, we are creating  crucial Customer Values like High Availability, Instant Recovery, Optimized Throughput, overcoming Backup Window Limitations while Minimizing your Storage Budget and lowest Cost of Ownership, plus minimum Carbon Footprint considerations …


On the product side, not only do we supply most of the world leading brands, like HP, IBM and EMC, but we also have the capability to upgrade, migrate and integrate those advance new products to your legacy setups in a Heterogeneous environment.


        FC and iSCSI SAN Storage

        Disk to Disk Backup and Virtual Tape Library

        Standalone and Tape Library, Backup Software

        Network and Direct Attached Storage (NAS and DAS)

        Storage and Recovery Appliances, etc


Disaster Recovery : 


As is obvious today, Disaster has struck, and will for sure strike again !


Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is no longer a luxury that is good to have. Instead, both have long risen to become the mandatory compliance for ALL healthy and serious enterprises.


However, DR is a very broad and generic subject, ranging from elementary solutions (a few tens of thousand dollars) to  sophisticated setups (multi-million dollar projects).   Besides, the service level, scale and scope of coverage, etc, are all very open-ended targets that can be very confusing and scary to IT Managers and DR planners.


Baro is the DR Professional.


We have started researching and testing on DR since early 2000s.


To simplify the DR implementation process, we have integrated the latest Technologies available to formulate a  comprehensive and standardized DR Framework and Methodology for our customers when they are planning their DR.


We have actually pioneered the Definition and Implementation of DR into 5 Critical Levels :

Local HA (High Availability) :  

Level 1

Level 2


Site to Site DR : 

Level 3  

Level 4

Level 5


DR Planning Process :  

DR Understanding and DR Level Introduction

DR Checklist, Requirement Analysis and Definitions

    Service (DR) Level

    Scope and scale of DR  

DR Architecture Design and Recommendations

DR Implementation, Acceptance Test and Training  

Ongoing Drill and Fine Tuning  


Planning for DR now ?  Need help ?  

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